The Client



The Problem

Each year, NuSkin takes its most successful distributers on an exotic “Success Trip” to celebrate their hard work. In 2017, one of the trips available to top sellers was to Iceland to hunt for the Northern Lights! The Drive team was tasked with designing and producing items specifically for this adventure.


The Solution

With a trip as fun and exciting as Iceland, the biggest challenge was narrowing our ideas from a million to a few! We ran with the Iceland, Northern Lights theme to create a unique adventure set for the NuSkin reps. Also, sticking to the theme, we used rich colorful blues and greens throughout our designs- symbolic of the wavy Aurora Borealis. When the adventure packs were complete, each traveler was equipped with cozy, high quality sweatshirt, thermal blanket, warm gloves, and a killer pack to hold all their gear. Our only regret was that we didn’t get to go!